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With some of Subiaco’s best and most affordable massage services, when you walk out of ShunHua Massage you’ll feel brand new.
Have you been stressed, tight, or tired in your muscles? There’s nothing quite as reinvigorating as a quality massage. You probably already know some of the benefits they can have, such as easing muscular stress, increasing blood circulation, and releasing endorphins – those feel-good hormones — in the body. It’s a boost to both your physical and mental health.

We know it’s easy for a massage to drop down your list of priorities, but here’s why you should put yourself first and book a massage in Subiaco now.

Massage for stress

In our busy modern lives, it’s becoming harder and harder to switch off and decompress, and the constant pressure means that most of us are carrying around a decent amount of stress. Massage can help with that.

When you’re receiving a massage in the serene, welcoming environment of our Subiaco clinic, your heart rate will decrease, your tension will slip away, and you’ll start to feel absolutely calm. Our skilled massage therapists, along with the oils and lotions they use, will relax your muscles and your nerves, reducing your stress and anxiety – and at the same time, your cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by your body to regulate blood sugar levels during times of stress. It’s a totally natural process, however, if stress is constant, this excess cortisol production can result in weight gain, higher blood pressure, and other nasty side effects. So not only can massages help with your current stress levels, but they can also help to prevent a list of other issues, too.

Massage for circulation

Are your muscles tight after a workout, an injury, or any other strenuous activity? Or maybe you’ve always had poor circulation? Our massage technique can help move blood through your system, sending it to the muscles that most need it. 

Just one massage can help lower your blood pressure, improve your mobility, and enhance the recovery of injuries by sending more oxygen to the affected area. Increasing blood flow may even help with chronic pain when almost nothing else seems to work. That’s the power of our Subiaco massage services.

Massage for wellbeing 

The feeling of deep relaxation, and alleviation of muscle soreness, are the most common reasons people visit us. But there are so many more benefits massage can have for your well-being. Many of our patients enjoy improved joint mobility and flexibility. Massage can help with soft tissue injuries, and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps reduce swelling. 

There are many cases where massages have helped support people with insomnia, chronic disease, and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. You’ll probably also find you feel sharp and mentally alert in the days afterwards. When people book a massage with us, they always say they should have done it sooner.

Why choose ShunHua Massage

At ShunHua Massage, we’ve been trusted by the people of Subiaco for years. Our professional remedial massage therapists are chosen for their experience, friendliness and warmth, and their expert touch will have you feeling your best.

We offer a range of healing massage services, including:

  • Chinese massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Footcare and massage
  • Deluxe packages

HICAPS participating health funds are available for our remedial massage services. 

There’s a reason our quality and affordable massage services in Subiaco are trusted. We offer an unconditional service guarantee. That means if you’re not satisfied with your massage experience, we’ll rebook at another time, with another therapist, completely free. You can find us conveniently located at Subiaco Square Shopping Centre, and there’s ample free undercover parking available.

Put yourself first and look after your wellbeing with a rejuvenating experience at ShunHua Massage. 

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Best Massage in Subiaco


HICAPS participating health funds available now for Remedial Massage.

Best Massage in Subiaco

“Amazing massages every time. The quality and service is fantastic and their massage therapy skills and technique are incredible. Exactly what my body needs every time to recover from all the dancing I do. My favourite place to get a massage!” – Li Zhe

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